Many sheep farmers in South Africa have come to the conclusion that the answer for the slaughter lam producer is a Dormer ram. The question is however - Why Dormer?

The Dormer is well known for its high fertility, excellent mothering abilities, long breeding season and easy lambing. As a result of abovementioned characteristics the Dormer is one of the most efficient mutton sheep breeds in South Africa.

Dormer lambs over the years held their own at every show and slaughter lamb competition. During the last 10 years Dormer lambs have obtained several champion single lamb carcasses as well as champion groups at various shows throughout South Africa.

Strongpoints of the Dormer breed includes:
Excellent mothering abilities
Fast growing
High fertility
Lots of milk
Small lamb at birth
Adaptable throughout South Africa
Non-selective grazers
Ideal ram for crossbreeding
No wool contamination
Good carcase quality


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